Many of the 30,000 people in the U.S. living with cystic fibrosis use daily vest therapy. While it helps loosen mucus in their chest, it’s pretty awful. Kids, especially, hate the tedious daily treatments and uncomfortable, loud and bulky vests. They say the vests make them feel lonely and isolated, constantly reminding them that they are different.

Sick Beats solves the problem with a vest that uses 40Hz soundwaves, with music transforming that monotony into something uplifting. The soundwaves, proven to be just as effective as traditional vests, match the harmonic resonance of mucus, liquifying it so it can migrate to larger airways and be coughed out. 

Sick Beats by Woojer has taken this proven science and turned it into an experience kids look forward to. Built on Spotify’s platform, it lets kids merge the music they love with the daily treatment they need. Since not every song contains the 40Hz tone, the team used an AI-enabled sniffer to search 30 million songs in the Spotify library, identifying thousands to build a therapeutic song library. The Sick Beats profile on Spotify organizes those songs into easy-to-access playlists, where kids can discover new music and curate custom treatment playlists.

As cool as the product is, our judges think its website is cooler, right down to vibrating buttons. uses the Spotify API to provide a playlist generator based on mood, musical taste and treatment length. Judges love how it welcomes patients in: “If music can stir your soul,” it asks, “imagine what it can do for your lungs.”