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Amgen — Our Lab is Everywhere

When Enbrel launched in 1998, it was the first biologic for rheumatoid arthritis. Since then, there have been many new products crowding the marketplace. And while Enbrel remains in the top two of biologic RA treatments, many rheumatologists consider Enbrel to be equal with Humira in clinical attributes and benefits. While Amgen has continued to deliver new and innovative patient solutions, many unprecedented in the category, many rheumatologists still thought rival Humira’s support programs were better.

In order to differentiate Enbrel from Humira, it had to pique the curiosity of providers who believed they already knew everything about the drug, inviting them to learn more. It also wanted to reinforce the brand’s commitment to patient care and what that means in the real world. It knew rheumatologists like to see themselves as tinkerers, so when Enbrel wanted to find a way to reassert itself for treating rheumatoid arthritis, it sought to renew physician interest in patient solutions by using ingenious storytelling to show the “what” and “how” behind its service.

By focusing on the non-clinical components of patient solutions, the site highlights the innovation that was used to develop, study and execute each service or offering, finding the tension between the head and the heart to tell the right story. By visually showing the lab in different locations, the site’s curiosity concept draws users deeper and deeper into its rich content.

Since its launch, 43% of visitors actively engaged with branded content, with providers spending an average of close to seven minutes, proving just how much interest compelling stories can generate.