Eli Lilly and Area 23 for Cyramza
Momentous Moments

This campaign for Eli Lilly’s cancer treatment Cyramza features truly exceptional and gorgeous creative that shows two distinct worlds within each image.

In the center is an everyday scene of a small moment shared between an advanced stage cancer patient and his or her loved one. Surrounding that scene is a grand-scale audience, such as at a theater performance, applauding and cheering. The images perfectly, and uniquely, capture how momentous everyday moments feel to cancer patients.

“There’s so much to love about this smart and creative campaign,” said one judge. “The strategic insight about the magic of everyday moments is tied to stunning creative photography that looks nothing like a typical pharma print ad. Robust research and business results made this a breakthrough campaign.”

Three iterations of the ad covered each type of cancer patient Cyramza can help (gastric, lung, and colorectal). Nearly 100 extras were used, and the two worlds shown in each image were captured in one shot. An Area 23 representative noted dramatic lighting and meticulous set design and direction helped play up the contrast between the worlds.

“The little moments idea could so easily lead to generic lifestyle focused creative execution,” a second judge noted, “but this celebrates the momentousness of those moments in such a surprising way.

On a $500,000 budget, the campaign resulted in a website traffic increase of nearly 200%, and Cyramza sales hit the highest patient volume of all time.

“Memorable, emotional, unexpected — it’s in a class by itself,” said a third judge.


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