Synergy Pharmaceuticals and Salutem
Confront Constipation

A poop emoji app was a highlight of this unbranded Confront Constipation disease education campaign that ran ahead of Synergy’s launch of a new treatment. Judges loved the emojis and the approach, praising it as highly creative, fresh, and brave.

“Humor can be a powerful tool to make uncomfortable topics more approachable,” one judge said. “This campaign taps into the cultural zeitgeist of emojis and oversharing to drive conversations about an important condition. It’s clever and impactful.”

Research showed patients who suffer from chronic idiopathic constipation (CIC) didn’t have the language or confidence to talk to doctors about their condition. Some even resorted to sharing bowel movement photos. The emojis, which are based on the clinically accepted Bristol stool scale and patient experiences, provided patients with an easy and acceptable way to communicate about CIC.

“This was a good way to start dialogue,” noted a second judge. Twitter content, paid online outreach, a booth at a professional event, and media relations that included hand delivering toilet-shaped press kits drove app downloads and campaign website traffic. Results put Synergy Pharmaceuticals in a strong position ahead of launch. Specifics included the “Poop Troop” emoji app becoming Apple’s eighth most downloaded health app in its first week. Within 60 days, the app had more than 92,000 downloads, and the website had 7,100 visits and 230 patient discussion guide downloads. The campaign was featured in 34 stories that ran in media outlets ranging from The Wall Street Journal to Mashable.


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Synergy Pharmaceuticals and Salutem
Confront Constipation