Novo Nordisk, Toddstreet and Consensus  

Best Diabetes Launch Ever: Communications & Training Campaign and One-Stop-Shop Platform

Novo Nordisk knew its new Rybelsus, the first GLP-1 oral medication for type 2 diabetes, could change lives. To make sure the revolutionary formulation, which it considers one of its most important achievements, got the consideration it deserves from healthcare providers, it created an ambitious effort to excite, educate and empower its 2,250-person field force.

Although its sales team has varying levels of experience, it still aimed to galvanize reps, boosting camaraderie and encourage mentoring and the sharing of best practices. And it was essential that reps had everything they needed to sell the drug. 

Since reps spend most days shuttling between appointments with healthcare providers, the effort had to meet them where they were and offer on-the-go engagement. Based upon adult learning and competitive principles, it introduced bite-sized content and micro-learning opportunities to make sure the field force was prepared.

It had to overcome major challenges, including the company’s decentralized communication and training resources. Often, these aren’t optimized nor accessible to iPhone/iPad-wielding reps. And the effort had to create fair, transparent and motivating incentive programs.

A learning platform was created that enabled, tracked and removed barriers to multiple forms of engagement. The solution was fully accessible, user-friendly and designed for an audience varying in age and experience.

The effort is helping power Rybelus to record sales. While the company’s Ozempic was the fastest diabetes drug ever to reach $1 billion in sales, early signs indicate Rybelus is outpacing that, using only one-third of the reps.