Premium travel websites may not seem a likely inspiration for ocular expertise. But with Dry Eyeland: Where Education Meets Adventure, Oyster Point Pharma finds an exciting new way to invite eyecare professionals into the ecosystem of dry eye.

It’s also a boldly disruptive campaign. Dry eye is common, affecting about 34 million in the U.S. The market has been dominated by a single voice and point of view for decades, with Allergan’s blockbuster Restasis addressing the problem as inflammation.

Oyster Point’s solution is radically different. Administered as a nasal spray, it works as a neuro-activator that stimulates tear film production and is designed to heal the tear film damage present in all dry-eye patients. The drug targets a different driver of dry-eye disease and represents a new mechanism of action.

Its research reveals that very few providers are aware that certain trigeminal nerve endings will activate tear film production at the ocular surface when stimulated in the nose. 

The Dry Eyeland experience paves the way for launching this new product, helping providers see the landscape of dry eye very differently. And it establishes that tear film damage, not inflammation, is the primary disease culprit.

The digital ecosystem uses breadcrumb navigation to easily travel between various locations, traversing Tear Film Shores, Neural Tributaries and the Ocular Summit.

The responsive website has already seen 250% higher time on site than the industry benchmark for desktop users, with 133% higher time on site across all devices.