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Hive Health and Pacira 

Exparel Virtual Reality Simulation Training

Hive Health developed this VR Simulation Training experience after discovering that some orthopedic surgeons did not understand the correct administration technique for Pacira's anesthetic Exparel.

Judges liked everything about the training — from its exemplary use of leading edge technology to the outstanding results it drove, including a 200% year over year increase in conference booth traffic and a 20% jump in enrollment for a more in-depth training program.

“The strategy was ideal for delivering the necessary product training,” said one judge.

The agency team worked closely with surgeons to understand why some loved Exparel while others did not see any value in it. As discussions unfolded, it became apparent that the surgeons who were having negative experiences with Exparel weren't using the correct administration technique.

The VR training experience was designed to provide a realistic experience, where surgeons would practice the procedure and technique. It features a haptic syringe that simulates the sensation of injecting into different tissue types and visual heat maps that provide real-time feedback on technique. Surgeons helped the team capture the exact sensations.

“The procedure simulation with tissue-specific haptic feedback is extremely innovative,” said a second judge. “The real-time procedure results and heat maps showing the infiltration technique distribution helps increase confidence.”

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