Amgen and GSW NY for Repatha
Escape Room

Escape Room is an interactive dramatization that was developed after the FDA expanded Repatha’s approval to include reducing the risk of cardiovascular events. Debuting at the American College of Cardiology annual session in March 2018, it viscerally demonstrated to HCPs how Repatha can help save at-risk patients from heart attack and stroke.

The experience began when doctors entered a physical room and were confronted by a call from a patient in a crumbling building that represented a cardiovascular event. The experience then played out live in a 360-degree projection around them. Clues were built into the room, and the doctors had to use Repatha data to help the patient escape. The experience adapted to their choices about how to save the patient’s life.

Judges thought it was one of the most original, innovative, and memorable professional conference experiences they’d ever seen. “Outstanding across the board from the research and planning that shaped the strategy to the originality and creative execution,” said one judge.

Another judge appreciated the elements of interactive problem-solving and peer teamwork using product data.

GSW partnered with MOR, creators of immersive productions such as Paradiso, to create the room. At the March meeting, the experience generated 2,500 leads and significantly increased attendance compared to previous booth draws. It ran more than 20 times a day and averaged six people participating for seven minutes at a time, delivering over 200 engagements with influential cardiologists in less than two days.


Amgen and GSW NY for Repatha
Escape Room

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