GOLD | Disease Education Campaign of 2017

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CDM Princeton and AstraZeneca

Little Lungs

Pairs of delicately knitted lungs were the creative centerpiece of this campaign to raise awareness of respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), a relatively unknown serious disease that can be fatal for infants and young children.

“A unique, creative, and iconic approach,” said one judge.

“A beautiful example of the power of an icon inextricably linked to the condition, executed in a medium immediately recognizable and in vogue with the target,” noted a second adjudicator.

Target audiences included new and expectant moms and their friends and families, as well as doctors and nurses in neonatal intensive care units (NICUs).

Judges appreciated that the team mobilized knitting groups and HCPs to drive results. For example, knitting groups across the U.S. enlisted to Knit Big for Little Lungs donated 260 knitted items to NICUs, and a “Knit-In Event” event in Philadelphia drove awareness of both RSV and of other knitting events.

The team also hosted educational events in 38 NICUs during RSV Awareness Month in October. Brochures, social cards, buttons, and hand sanitizers were given away at all events.

Educational messaging was also driven through a dedicated Facebook page,, banner ads, and advocacy group partners.

The Facebook page content, which included RSV risk information, protection tips, personal stories, and more, reportedly helped draw 2.7 million unique impressions and 12,260 visitor posts very soon after its launch.

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