Novo Nordisk knows people living with obesity are in a constant battle with biology, where changes in their appetite hormone levels can cause them to gain back the weight they’ve worked so hard to lose.

Yet despite this indisputable science — and millions of people living with obesity — this disease is overlooked by healthcare providers. That leaves patients without the medical care they deserve. 

This video, linked to World Obesity Day, takes direct aim at the myths and misperceptions, focusing on just one woman. It moves through a series of vignettes that capture many unexpected truths. She eats healthy foods and has spent most of her life on diets. Yet no matter much physical exercise she does, her metabolism prevents her from achieving long-term weight loss. 

The film demonstrates the complexity of obesity, moving conversations beyond stigma and driving meaningful dialogue between those living with obesity and healthcare professionals.

Most of all, it conveyed the intricacy and inner struggles of the patient’s journey. Based on the insight that people with obesity typically make seven concerted efforts to lose weight over time, it portrays a person whose life has many ups and downs, largely unnoticed by providers.

The effort surpasses all goals, with 12 million views and 40 million impressions. “This is a modern and fresh creative approach and execution,” say our judges. “Most importantly, it communicates a large and complex message in a very personal and emotional way. Obesity isn’t a choice, and it shouldn’t be dealt with alone.”