Area 23

Certainly, this FCB-owned healthcare agency is a winner just on its financial performance. With an 18% growth in revenue, it won 17 new assignments this year, as well as seven from existing clients. But the real reason it’s here is because of its work, with a breadth and range of innovative campaigns that wowed the judges.

The firm shines brightest in its charitable and community efforts. Besides ongoing partnerships with Mollie’s Fund and Diatribe, it introduced Change the Ref’s Posts Into Letters effort in the aftermath of the tragic school shooting in Parkland, Florida. A group of Area 23 employees were desperate to do something and worked with the father of Joaquin Oliver, who was slain in Parkland. The effort helped turn toothless social media posts into powerful letters to Congress, written in the late Joaquin’s handwriting, and has become a strong voice for gun reform.

Area 23 offers strategic planning, medical strategy, payer strategy, media strategy and planning, patient health literacy, engagement planning, user experience, technology and development and branding and design. Last year, it significantly expanded those capabilities when FCB Health med-ed shop Hudson Global was realigned under Area 23, renamed Area 23 on Hudson.

And its Area 2.3 innovation lab continues to bring emerging technology, AI, machine learning, product design and physical builds together under one roof. With end-to-end hardware and software fabrication capabilities, this has already resulted in numerous completed projects for a range of Area 23 clients, each representing a first-of-its-kind offering. 

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