Tracy Pike from GSK Canada

Tracy Pike
GSK Canada

Judges appreciated the positive impact Tracy Pike has had on GSK’s business and her colleagues. One judge described her as a “transformative leader who cares about both business and people.”

All judges felt Pike showed exceptional leadership during the Canadian launch of the shingles vaccine Shingrix after she was promoted from product manager to commercial lead halfway through the campaign.

Under Pike’s guidance, the campaign shifted consumer attitudes around shingles prevention and the vaccine. It contributed to 87% market share in just three months. The campaign reportedly won back a year’s worth of media spend and yielded an extra $1 million in sales in just three weeks.

The Canadian campaign, in tandem with ACIP’s positive recommendation for Shingrix, heightened the expected rate of demand and delayed the launch of the global and U.S. campaigns.

Campaign highlights included Pike partnering with the GSK Digital and cross-functional team to open an existing Facebook page to comments. The positive results paved the way for GSK Global and other pharma brands to open up on social.

Judges also appreciated Pike’s commitment to community service. During the final leg of the Shingrix campaign, she recruited colleagues to bike nearly 420 miles with her across Canada to benefit Save the Children. They raised $67,000, which GSK matched.


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Tracy Pike
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