Team Epidiolex

When it’s time to launch a product into an environment of stigma and skepticism, it takes a particular group of people. But that’s what the members of the Greenwich Biosciences’ Epidiolex team faced. The first and only FDA-approved cannabidiol, it is changing the lives of patients with two extremely rare forms of epilepsy — Lennox-Gastaut syndrome and Dravet syndrome — making the team’s target audience incredibly narrow.

The team has bonded together over their shared commitment to transform something that has been sneered at and demonized into a recognized and sought-after treatment. To do that, these individuals are committed to initiatives that are as innovative as the product behind them. The team recently introduced a virtual reality experience that lets doctors explore every aspect of the manufacturing process that goes into each bottle of Epidiolex. 

That recent initiative earned the team a speakership at Cannes, multiple award nominations and extensive thought-leadership mentions.

A booth at the annual American Epilepsy Society meeting didn’t just feature iPads and sales reps, it also housed a state-of-the-art object recognition table that allowed doctors to move acrylic models of Epidiolex bottles around a surface and watch as data sprang to life. The interactive feature was the talk of the convention, and it drew more than 250 CRM enrollments. 

By breaking through the barriers that surround medical marijuana, the team brought on 20,000 new patients, in disease categories so rare only tens of thousands are affected. In just the first year alone, sales for the treatment reached $296 million.

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