Trio’s growth and evolution in 2020 show how determined it is to make its “the New Med Ed” slogan mean even more. Part of the FCB Health Network, it deepened its commitment to three pillars that made all the difference: the use of data analytics, data visualization and experiential learning. Revenue jumped 42% in 2020, making Trio equivalent to a midsize promotional agency. 

Some of its most impressive efforts include converting the Voice of Schizophrenia Challenges of Relapse Escape Room into two virtual experiences: a VR experience and an online version that maintains the immersive experience (ideal for virtual congresses). Regardless of the technology, it transports providers into the mind of a patient with schizophrenia to understand the challenges of relapse, drawbacks of orals and benefits of long-acting injectables.

And to respond to limitations on live speaker programs, it created JanssenEdify. This multi-product educational hub lets providers consume education on their own time and in their preferred format. Rather than didactic talking heads, it offers interactive branched logic patient cases and TED Talk-style videos. 

The agency is also focusing on SmartSuite, a set of interactive educational assets that facilitate more engaging in-person or nonpersonal interactions. 

Clients love this team. “They have provided new perspectives, a fresh approach, and creative ideas that have breathed new life into our product education,” says Lori Muecke, senior marketing manager at LivaNova. “Our product may not be new, but our approach and our content now are, thanks to the partnership
with Trio.”