The Bloc  

While we could have chosen the Bloc simply based on its 50% revenue growth in 2019, the real story behind this independent powerhouse is its ability to think even bigger. Whether it’s adding staff, expanding capabilities or creating work that is genuinely Academy Award-worthy, this group of 160-plus pros is changing what it means to be an agency today.

Case in point: Early this year, it established an innovation division that launched SafeCode, a handheld barcode scanner that doubles as an ultraviolet light disinfectant — a convenient way to kill coronavirus germs on packages. Its specs, available through open sourcing, have already been used by companies such as FedEx. It’s also launched WheelCare, the first wheelchair handle that doubles as an ECG monitor. Those inventions are proof “that these people want to apply their knowledge more broadly,” one judge says. “It’s commitment to a unique perspective, and genuine creativity sets it apart.”

Clients can see it too, explaining its excellent 80% win rate on new-business pitches. Those include assignments from Otsuka/Lundbeck, Urogen and Guerbet, as well as additional work from Amarin, Alkermes, Novartis and Sanofi. 

And while much of its creative work on behalf of those clients is noteworthy, the chilling Instant Doctor campaign  emerged as one of the year’s most compelling videos, earning it multiple awards in the film community.

To stretch budgets and shorten timelines, it started BlocSource, which insources talent through its global network. And its BlocSky offering, with offices in Manila and New York, continues to deliver greater efficiency without sacrificing quality.

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