As most agency networks navigated the external complexities of 2020 as best they could, Ashfield Health also made it a year of transformative shapeshifting. Instead of continuing as a collection of individual and independent brands that sometimes collaborated, it created the new Ashfield Health network brand. 

That called for aligning its 1,400 global employees as seven new operating brands, including creating two new global agencies: Ashfield MedComms and Mind+Matter. Under the new purpose rallying cry of “Make it matter,” it unified different cultures and specialist skillsets. It debuted the new identity with a high-impact virtual launch event and followed up with a multichannel launch campaign. 

Positioning itself as a choice for clients looking for a network model built for tomorrow, it believes the new structure is more entrepreneurial and agile. And most importantly, it can pull the right experience from a global team without geographical, cultural and agency boundaries. 

Its client work also felt deeply meaningful. For Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine, it mobilized a team of 200 to support the launch in just eight weeks. It provided support in commercial and scientific engagement, medical communications programs and virtual events.

Other assignments also backed up this “Make it matter” promise, including “Being super shouldn’t be rare.” To raise awareness of how rare diseases are no longer rare, it developed a creative campaign based on the insight that these superheroes are all around us. 

And with #INKEDforALS, it built on ALS’ reputation as a social-media star, designing a tattoo to represent ALS. Available online and promoted in social media channels, the campaign led to a 46% increase in social media engagement.