Regeneron and Intouch Solutions

A Beautiful Pair 

With the launch of Eylea, Regeneron reached out to a fearful audience. Already suffering from retinal disease, including neovascular age-related macular degeneration (wet AMD) and diabetic macular edema, they’re worried about what comes next. They fear missing life’s moments and potentially losing their independence.

This introduction, based on a beautifully-crafted campaign, wins for its inherently sweet love story and the thoughtful adaptations made all along the way to make it easier for people with vision impairment to see. And the underlying message is pure empowerment: By asking patients to talk to their providers about Eylea, they are motivated to take back control of their vision — and with it, their lifestyle. It targeted those experiencing retinal disease, but also beyond to reach patients who were actively engaged in their health. It positions Eylea as a catalyst to inspire action.

Everything in the Beautiful Pair campaign is 100% handcrafted and brought to life through stop-motion animation. Each setting, character and item was built from scratch, and the activities portrayed are based on the things the target audience enjoys. Additionally, important details such as color combinations and speed of movement accommodate those with retinal disease. 

This lovable pair of eyes journeys across an immersive multichannel universe composed of TV, custom print, high-impact digital media, a complete website redesign and a YouTube channel. It even created Lea, a chatbot offering 24/7 guidance.

In just five months, website visits rose 565% and site downloads increased 84%.