HIV treatment has come a long way. But those who live with HIV know it continues to be deeply stigmatized. So Dovato’s campaign aims to show the whole person. This bias-busting effort stars a diverse group of real-life brand ambassadors, telling their stories through digital, social, TV, print, in-office, live and virtual events and a robust website.

Work began with a deep dive into the lives of these remarkable people. Using artifacts that represent their hobbies, passions and relationships to build intricate collages, judges love how the campaign presents these patients’ multifaceted lives. “I am so much more than HIV,” patients say, talking frankly about how that stigma can feel as persistent and harmful as living with HIV itself. 

This campaign is pure positivity and also clearly explains Dovato’s advantages. While the standard of care is now one pill made of three HIV-suppressing drugs taken once a day, Dovato offers the same efficacy with just two medicines in one pill. Putting fewer medicines in their body is inherently appealing, but many patients are hesitant to consider anything other than the current standard of care. 

In each execution, a single ambassador tells their story. Every scene captures a different aspect of their life with visual references that tie back to their collage. And it breaks the stereotype that all people living with HIV lead lives that are marginalized and less than normal.

Brand awareness jumped 4.5 times in 18 months, outperforming all competitors by the end of 2020.