Pfizer and FCB Health for Eucrisa
Almost Everybody, Almost Everywhere

Pfizer’s new topical eczema treatment Eucrisa launched in late 2016 into a market crowded with both prescription and OTC eczema treatments.

In the U.S. alone, about 18 million children and adults have eczema, and Eucrisa can help 90% of them. The challenge was to differentiate it and demonstrate its broad usability to this diverse and enormous group.

The campaign team developed a simple and highly compelling campaign around the product’s major points of differentiation — it’s safe for kids and can be used on almost all body parts by people of all ethnicities, skin types, and tones.

The effort features a wide cast of charming characters who reinforce the points. For example, judges especially loved the image of a little girl dressed in a fairy costume who asks if Eucrisa works even on the face of a fairy. Other examples include a needle pointer with eczema on her knee; a ranch hand with eczema on her hand; and a quarterback with eczema on his back.

“This is possibly the cutest pharma ad ever,” said one judge. “It’s memorable and effectively showcases the product’s benefits and range. It’s also emotional and uplifting despite putting a central focus on the problem of the rash.”

In addition to print and TV ads, the campaign included a website with disease education materials, tips, an animated video, and more. Social media posts and in-store and in-office collateral also drove awareness.

“The campaign is very memorable with strong message delivery and motivation to ask for the product,” a second judge said.

Results included a market share increase.


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