StoneArch and Medela

Sonata Launch

Judges loved the unified, customer-first approach this team took to launch Sonata, Medela’s new and first “smart” breast pump.

“Content flowed seamlessly across channels,” one judge said.

“Sonata does social right, which is especially important when targeting millennials,” added a second adjudicator. “Multiple owned and earned channels drove incredible growth and impressions for the new product.”

Results were outstanding. Within two months of launch, Medela doubled its annual e-commerce sales goal for Sonata. Within two months post-launch, the campaign generated 1.6 million video views and 14 million social media impressions.

Sonata’s millennial target audience members were front and center in the pre-launch video series. Seven moms and four couples who were diverse both in terms of race and ethnicity and in terms of breastfeeding experiences, were recruited for the videos. Topics included conversations about the challenges around breastfeeding and pumping.

The team pushed audience-centric content and product messaging out across numerous channels, including, Facebook, Twitter, and more. A series of GIFs that speak to the unique product benefits helped sustain social engagement.

Research conducted by the predictive intelligence company Motista showed the campaign positively impacted sentiment. For example, the percentage of moms who felt emotionally connected to Medela increased from 44% to 53%.

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