Eli Lilly and Area 23 for Lartruvo
The World’s Smallest Booth

By playing up the rarity of soft tissue sarcoma (STS), Area 23 helped Eli Lilly’s orphan drug Lartruvo steal the spotlight from much bigger blockbuster brands at the Society of Gynecologic Oncology’s annual meeting. Lartruvo is the only frontline STS therapy with an overall survival benefit to hit the market in the past 40 years. It’s such a rare cancer that it is unknown to most people, even oncologists. The exact proportion of STS to other cancers is 1:133, so Area 23 scaled everything down to 1/133 its normal size.

All judges praised the team for coming up with such an original, highly creative, and impactful idea and for expertly executing it. “This was an unexpected and creative approach,” said one judge. “At a convention where everyone shouts for attention, this brand whispered and got noticed.”

The team carved out a 1.2-square-foot space at the conference and built a fully functioning booth in that space. Other elements created at 1/133 of their normal size included a holographic sales rep, detail aid, a direct mail piece, a brand manifesto, and an email. An agency rep noted that gynecologic oncologists were targeted for this effort because they’re a key set of prescribers, and market research had revealed their awareness of Lartruvo was particularly low.

The effort reached 71% of the gynecologic oncologists it targeted. “This was a very original idea with good strategic insight and significant reach,” said a second judge.


Eli Lilly and Area 23 for Lartruvo
The World’s Smallest Booth

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