Havas Life New York and Research Foundation to Cure AIDS

Can’t Silence a Cure

Taking a cue from AIDS activists who demanded treatment in the 1980s, this team created what judges described as a beautiful, emotional, and powerful campaign to raise awareness of the Research Foundation to Cure AIDS, a nonprofit that has biotechnology that can be used to cure AIDS.

The campaign calls for people to raise their voices for a cure and features striking, highly emotional photos of people shouting for a cure. In a matter of weeks, the effort generated about 2 million social media impressions.

“This is a beautiful campaign with engaging photography and user-oriented content,” said one judge. “The reach is very strong, especially for pro bono. The website and events were great support pieces strategically used to pull the campaign through multiple channels.”

The campaign is all-encompassing, including new branding for the foundation and a new website that tells the in-depth story of the development of a cure and the organization’s mission.

Facebook was used as a messaging bulletin board, while Twitter was used to help drive conversation. Instagram housed user-generated content.

Symposia events with representatives from Columbia University, the CDC, AIDS research pioneer Kenneth Kashkin, MD, and others helped establish credibility within the scientific community. Outreach also included fundraising events, roundtable events, and more.

“This is a brilliantly designed, compelling, and effective campaign,” explained one judge. “Results and social media engagement are amazing.”

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