New Jersey Sharing Network and McCann Echo

Judges were very impressed by McCann Echo’s insight, creativity, and use of technology to help New Jersey Sharing Network raise awareness of the need for organ and tissue donations.

A geolocation-based website allows residents to search for the number of people waiting for transplants in their communities. The site also encourages visitors to share results on social media, donate money, register to be a donor, and volunteer with NJSN.

Offline, the campaign played on New Jersey residents’ love of neighborhood pizzerias to get the word out. The pilot launched on Good Friday last year, with seven pizzeria partners across the state delivering pizzas in 1,000 custom-designed boxes.

When a pizza was ordered, the team used geolocation technology and NJSN’s data to determine how many people were waiting on transplants in neighborhoods where each pizza was ordered. Then those numbers were put on the box, which also featured graphic depictions of state landmarks.

Judges said the campaign was innovative, and they appreciated the hyper-local messaging and grassroots execution.

“It’s so nice to see creative tied to innovation and both digital and traditional used to drive action,” said one judge.

“The innovative use of technology tied to more traditional media — the pizza boxes — resonates,” said another judge.

The campaign expanded this year to more than 150 businesses, including pizzerias and coffee shops. This year’s effort distributed 15,000 pizza boxes and 250,000 coffee cup sleeves. Data gathered from the various channels is helping the team more precisely target audiences going forward.


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