Avadel Pharmaceuticals and Fingerpaint 

Nature Calls

Everyone knows the “nature calls” euphemism, but not everyone — not even doctors — are aware of all the health risks of nocturia, or nighttime urination. The condition causes more than 50 million Americans to wake up repeatedly and can lead to such health complications as cardiovascular disease.

Its research established that most providers fell into two camps – either “I don’t see nocturia as a condition,” or “I accept that nocturia is a real thing, but it doesn’t bother my patients all that much.” It wanted to correct both mindsets.

To get physicians to reconsider long-held beliefs about nighttime urination and its consequences — and to seed the market for a branded product launch — Avadel enlisted Rocky, a mischievous raccoon used to giving people a rude awakening. He brought the condition to life in an unexpected, engaging way.

The raccoon allowed the campaign to play beyond the cover of a sales aid, with Rocky sneaking into data stories, video and national sales meetings. 

The Nature Calls campaign has been extremely successful in reaching and educating physicians about nocturia. The video has been a particular success, with 43% of visitors who scrolled past it initially going back to watch. And 73% of video watchers also went on to consume at least one piece of additional content on the website. 

Paid search accounted for 79% of website traffic, with a 6% click-through rate that resulted in a 17% overall website engagement rate, and 44% of visitors who navigated to the branded Noctiva site originated from paid search.