GSK and Wunderman Health
Sensodyne: Rapid Relief 

Sensodyne’s new Rapid Relief formulation coincided with the 2018 Winter Olympics, so Wunderman jumped on the opportunity to tie the product’s speed of efficacy to downhill skiers.

Challenges included overcoming skepticism — both from lapsed users of other Sensodyne formulations who stopped before efficacy kicked in and from people who didn’t think any toothpaste could alleviate tooth sensitivity pain.

The launch kicked off with a YouTube takeover using footage that mimicked the setting of the winter games and incorporated branding elements. Six-second teasers and additional online videos reinforced the ideas of innovation and commitment required to achieve extraordinary speed. Other elements included display media and a variety of related content that was distributed across online and offline platforms.

The campaign was a departure for the brand, which had long focused on using dentist testimonials to drive awareness and sales. And it delivered astounding results. The production budget was about $600,000 and total media buy for the launch and the year was $9 million to $10 million. In its first month, the brand grabbed 1% of the total U.S. market share for toothpaste, a significant increase. Eight weeks post-launch, sales were 154% above projections.

Within the first 24 hours, the YouTube masthead had over 3 million views and website traffic spiked 746%. Use of Sensodyne branded search terms tripled compared to the average of the previous two weeks. Subscribers to the brand’s YouTube page doubled to 14,000.


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