Endo Pharmaceuticals and GSW/Xiaflex
Key to unlocking Peyronie’s disease (PD) diagnosis

Peyronie’s disease (PD) is a localized connective tissue disorder of the penis that results in varying degrees of penile curvature, sexual performance dysfunction, and anxiety. Extensive research revealed diagnosis can be challenging because the disease is not well understood by patients or HCPs, and it’s embarrassing for most men to talk about.

This campaign aimed to help doctors understand PD and the negative physical and psychological impact it can have on men’s lives, motivate them to diagnose correctly, and prescribe Endo’s Xiaflex.

GSW came up with a brilliant visualization of the result of the condition — a curved key representing a patient’s curved erection. The image is highly recognizable and memorable as a brand icon. And it’s perfectly aligned to the idea of Xiaflex as the treatment key.

The print ad shows a man’s hand holding the bent key to a car door lock. His face and his partner’s face are reflected in the car door. The tagline reads: “When his curve points to Peyronie’s disease, direct your appropriate patients to Xiaflex.”

Judges found the creative work “incredibly innovative” and appreciated how it was rooted in patient insights.

The print ad expanded into a multifaceted online and offline strategy that included programmatic media buys leveraging precision targeted strategies for HCPs in select locations.

On a budget of less than $250,000, the ad delivered fantastic results, including an 86% intent to prescribe Xiaflex and a projected sales increase of 25% in 2018. “The 86% intent to prescribe is high, and it speaks to the creative breaking through the clutter,” noted one judge.


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Endo Pharmaceuticals and GSW/Xiaflex
Key to unlocking Peyronie’s disease (PD) diagnosis

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