Boehringer Ingelheim knew that its broad, national-level formulary messaging wasn’t resonating with healthcare providers. The big picture isn’t helpful: Doctors need hyper-targeted information that tells them how much brands cost for the patients in their practices. And that includes coverage for specific populations, such as low-income subsidy patients. 

The BI Market Access team researched and identified a digital reimbursement platform that had the potential to be customized into a “one-stop-shop,” clearly explaining the functionality and features BI respiratory and cardio-met brands needed to optimize pull-through.

Working with Ogilvy Health, it developed AMP, short for Access Messaging Platform. Our judges call this data-driven, interactive coverage and access detail resource “a heroic effort and tremendous amount of work, answering the questions all HCPs have.”

As soon as sales representatives select a provider from Veeva, AMP automatically populates with their practice-specific information. It displays the top local plans, giving details about brand coverage for both the BI brand and competing products. 

With its user-friendly interface, reps can customize even further, altering the display to meet the needs of the call. If needed, it can also show geography-level formulary coverage. A pop-up feature identifies plans that offer subsidies for low-income patients, as well as information on BI’s patient-support programs. 

Any information can then be emailed in follow-up communications or attached PDFs or delivered as hard-copy format printouts. When AMP and Brand iVAs are used together, there’s a 33% rise in net scripts. And used by itself, it generates a significant increase.