Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady Health System and ReviveHealth  

Raise Your Health Esteem

This smart, simple campaign impressed judges with content that was clearly articulated across all channels and grew from an important patient insight. Louisiana is ranked as one of the unhealthiest states, and while residents know that to be true, they also didn’t feel like any area hospitals were on their side. Plenty of hospitals tell them to see a doctor, or brag they have the best providers. But none are health allies.

So Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady Health System (FMOLHS) stepped up, repositioning itself as a true partner, helping Louisianans live healthier, happier lives.

Through a comprehensive social media audit, target market segmentation and a number of stakeholder interviews, it learned that Louisianans felt high costs, lack of time and not enough access to healthy options were major barriers. And they wanted more personalized, online recommendations from a doctor or hospital. 

That led to the Health Esteem movement, intended to help individuals understand their own health. It’s based on the understanding that the formula for health and happiness is personal, dynamic and simultaneously simple and complex. The challenges people have in being healthy or happy are diverse, and go way beyond eating right or knowing when to go to the doctor. 

The campaign set out to change the conversation about health, shifting consumer perception of FMOLHS from just another health provider to a partner in health and to engage internal audiences.

It generated buzz among employees and drove traffic to its site, with users spending an average of three minutes per site visit.