While many principles of knee replacement have remained steady over the years, the pressures surrounding the procedure have escalated. The imperative today is to maximize turnover among an increasingly diverse and growing patient population, including older, more obese and more demanding patients — all without sacrificing outcomes.

DePuy Synthes is addressing  this critical need, with the global patient population for knee replacements expected to increase 56% between 2015 and 2030. Variability in the procedure that may affect patient outcomes includes technique and alignment and how well the soft tissue is balanced around the knee joint.

Current robotic-assisted solutions on the market are cumbersome, complicated and costly. While surgeons want more technology, they don’t want a solution that will add complexity or take over their skills.

With one word, Velys robotic-assisted solution shows how it can drive consistency in outcomes. The Simplicity campaign encourages surgeons to enter the next chapter of robotics, with imagery showcasing the product on the table, in use and the OR, making it an intriguing option for both robotic users and non-users. 

The immersive experience takes viewers through every aspect of the solution, moving from room to room, with the ability to click on 3-D renderings and get more information about each device. It also houses numerous videos, so viewers can absorb information as if they were there in person.

In its first week, it had almost 900 users and more than 5,100 page views. And 31% of people who came to the site were returning visitors.