Regeneron and McCann Health Managed Markets 

Regeneron Access Adventure

The market access landscape continues to get more complex over time, and Regeneron knows the lingo that goes with it feels like a foreign language to new hires.

But understanding the nuances is critical. Specialty products generally have use-management policies that involve prior authorization. Some also require a practice to buy a product and then bill for it. These policies require additional administrative work, potentially delaying appropriate treatments getting to patients. So manufacturers are pushing internal stakeholders to understand select market access elements in support of their brands. 

But employees aren’t necessarily keen to take on the responsibility of learning the intricacies of market access. With already busy schedules, it was essential to creatively engage people and then leverage the latest in adult-learning principles, making sure the interactive experience reinforced knowledge retention. Regeneron set out to do all that and added an even bolder mission: Making the learning fun.

Tapping the spirit of travel, it created a passport, which it used as a kickoff to the interactive training. Using gaming technology, participants could interact with content, earn achievements and even unlock levels as users progressed, all at their own pace. They also got rewarded with passport stamps along the way.

The Access Adventure program, designed to encourage employees to learn more about select market access topics, met its goals. In the first six months, 91% of new hires completed the Access Adventure program, giving it rave reviews. Even better? Many existing employees have requested passports after hearing about its effectiveness.