Galderma Laboratories and Schaefer Advertising
Galderma CareConnect Patient Savings Program

Market research revealed patient savings cards frustrate most consumers, doctors, and pharmacists. More often than not, the cards don’t even work because patients don’t qualify or they need products that aren’t covered. Plus, many pharmacies don’t accept the cards. Given these issues, HCPs have little confidence recommending them to patients.

The Galderma CareConnect program was created to alleviate these pain points — its pricing model is easy to understand, it’s available at all licensed pharmacies, and all Galderma Rx products are covered. These points of distinction led the team to create a new Remarkably Simple brand position.

Every judge praised how expertly the need for simplicity was pulled through strategy and execution.

Promotional elements included videos for physicians and patients, print materials, a website, paid digital, and email. In keeping with the Remarkably Simple positioning, all visuals and messaging were clear, clean, and easy to understand.

“The creative was engaging, but strategy and execution were the real winners,” noted one judge. “All around well-done,” said a second judge. “Research and strategy were on point with execution.”

The team reported strong results, including 11,145 patient saving downloads as of March and strong website stats. Overall, the program had 944,978 unique patients, 50,648 prescribers, and 48,684 pharmacies had filled nearly 1.8 million prescriptions by May.

“Great planning and strategic insights led to great creative that delivered impactful results,” noted another judge.


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Galderma Laboratories and Schaefer Advertising
Galderma CareConnect Patient Savings Program

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