UCB and Idea Couture
Rising Above Expectations

This was an incredibly robust experiential program hosted by UCB at the American Epilepsy Society 2017 Congress. Spanning two areas — a 1,600-square-foot Outcomes Accelerator and a 1,200-square-foot Catalyst Café — the program featured numerous participatory exhibits designed to immerse visitors in authentic conversations about improving the lives of epilepsy patients.

“Outstanding, innovative, and a quantum level above the industry standard,” one judge said of the program.

Many components of the experience helped encourage stakeholders, including other pharma companies, to collaborate to improve care. The team also aimed to create impactful experiences that people wanted to share, and all of the experiential elements were promoted live on social media.

Specific elements included a balloon canopy where visitors noted their personal commitment to elevating care, attached it to a helium balloon, and released it; a 3-D puzzle related to emerging technologies; and two string wall activities related to care access challenges. There was also a station where visitors could take photos with service dogs and learn how the animals could improve epilepsy care.

Another PR goal for 2017’s conference was to shift the focus from UCB’s products to the brand itself. “UCB was able to embody a bolder and more targeted message that encouraged purposeful conversations by focusing on scientific and experiential news around the congress,” said an agency representative.

Results included the doubling of both event participation and Twitter mentions compared to UCB’s efforts around the 2016 congress.


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UCB and Idea Couture
Rising Above Expectations

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