GSK Consumer Healthcare and Weber Shandwick for Gas-X
Finding the Female Gaze in Fart Jokes

Slapstick toilet humor was always core to Gas-X’s brand identity. And because it leads the over-the-counter gas relief category, the approach wasn’t questioned until a small competitor grabbed some market share last year. After taking a long, hard look, Weber Shandwick responded with an approach shift that yielded an 18% monthly sales increase and a tenfold ROI on media budget.

“This was an excellent rethink to orient to humor that works for women,” one judge said. “It’s a fun, engaging campaign with clever creative and spectacular results.”

The old approach appealed to men, but women represent 62% of Gas-X’s audience. Primary research showed the brand’s traditional use of humor offended some consumers, and some thought it trivialized the condition or even mocked sufferers.

“We had not only been missing the mark with 62% of our audience, we might have turned them away,” an agency representative said.

Further research revealed empathic humor was needed to reach women, and that women find humor in “the art of embracing one’s flaws” or “flawsome.”

The goal was to position Gas-X as a “flawsome” brand that laughs with you, not at you, during life’s awkward moments. The team created Gas-X’s first Facebook page and launched the resulting Would You Rather ad campaign there. It focused on showing empathy for embarrassing moments — those that are related to gas and those that are not.

“The research and insights were very impactful, and the execution was unique and creative,” a second judge said.


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GSK Consumer Healthcare and Weber Shandwick for Gas-X
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