Innovative Marketer of the Year: 2014

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Innovative Marketer of the Year: 2014
Innovative Marketer of the Year: 2014

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Faruk Capan
CEO, Intouch Solutions

Every judge in this category was deeply impressed by Faruk Capan's keen ability to read industry trends and pioneer innovations. “He invested in technology before pharma was ready to accept it and it paid off,” one judge said.

Capan came to the US in 1990 from his native Istanbul, Turkey, earned a master's degree in IT and became a naturalized citizen.

In 1999, he founded Intouch Solutions and set about creating models and digital solutions to advance pharma marketing. Today, Intouch Solutions pulls in more than $70 million in annual revenue and employs 500.

Capan's employees greatly admire and respect him. They described him not only as a brilliant visionary leader who is the backbone of the agency's success, but also as a humble, generous, fair, respectful, sincere and honorable man.

The agency's innovations include, the largest online community for MS patients; development of key iPad capabilities long before any other agency; and, the latest in a suite of social media engagement products for pharma companies.

Jay Appel
Director, HCP Multichannel Marketing, Amgen

Recognized as a pioneer in HCP closed loop marketing, Jay Appel's accomplishments include helping Amgen build a revolutionary MCM analytics platform for media, sales force, inside sales and product sales.

All judges were impressed by his use of high-level analysis for multichannel optimization and sales force integration into multichannel marketing.


• Jay Appel, Director, HCP Multichannel Marketing, Amgen

• Faruk Capan, CEO, Intouch Solutions

• Greg Foster, Co-founder, CEO and ­Chairman, BrightWhistle

• Jeanne Martel, General Manager/ Partner, ClinicalMind

• Michael Zuna, Second Vice President, Communications and Content Marketing, Aflac

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