IPG Health

Although IPG Health didn’t officially launch until mid-2021, its list of accomplishments is nothing short of dazzling. Comprised of FCB Health and McCann Health, IPG Health hired 1,895 new employees.

The network celebrated more than 400 wins, with 116 major new brand assignments. That includes expanded client engagements with Biogen, Lilly, Novartis, Pfizer and Sanofi, and new clients such as Alexion, Apellis, UCB and Galderma. 

Launching during a pandemic certainly goes against conventional wisdom. But the newly formed entity says it grows out of its member agencies’ commitment to following their own wisdom. And it stands by the belief that interoperability and interconnectivity are force multipliers that allow it to innovate, adapt and lead change.

That means IPG Health is in business to do more than win accounts, and it says it takes its responsibility to the industry, the world and its employees very seriously. 

The network’s pro-bono efforts prove that. Among them are McCann Health London/McCann Health New Jersey’s The EnvironMental Issue and FCB Health New York’s work for longtime client GMHC, including the Blood Equality initiative.

McCann Health London and British Islamic Medical Association created  The Bread Exam, tackling cultural taboos. And McCann Health NY made the powerful Unfinished Votes for Change the Ref to help end gun violence.

“We launched IPG Health with the promise of enhanced value for our clients and greater opportunity for our people,” writes Dana Maiman, CEO of IPG Health. “Our purpose has never been more salient. We are passionately committed to doing what’s right for our clients, their brands and our people.”


Real Chemistry

Real Chemistry, formerly W20, aims to make the world healthier by empowering patients to access the right treatment at the right time. That’s evidenced by exceptional work for Abbott MitraClip, Merck’s Uncovering TNBC (triple negative breast cancer) and AstraZeneca’s efforts to reach asthma patients at key inhaler moments. With global revenue of $475 million and 1,800-plus employees, the network continues to blaze trails in industry innovations.