With the 2020 MM&M Awards entry period open now until April 8, here are some quick tips from Haymarket Media’s business development manager Matthew Honovic on how to create a winning entry:

1. Start right now

You may think the deadline is a long time away, but get an edge and begin a draft now. More importantly, take a look at the questions and the specific requirements that are being asked of you: securing testimonials, support materials, getting client approval. This all takes time. Head to the MM&M Awards site to create a profile, check out the entry requirements and read the FAQs.

2. Choose wisely

We offer a wide variety of categories and you may think it makes sense to enter them all with the same assets, but don’t. You should carefully cater your write-up. Choose the best and most evocative statistics, videos, images and testimonials to make the best case for your entry in that specific category.

3. Tell a story

Judges have stacks of entries to get through. So, keep it simple and get to the point. You don’t have to overwrite to keep the judges attention. Avoid jargon and keep it compelling. There should be a story connecting your objective and research through the execution and the results of your campaign. Do they all tie together? Did you succeed in your objective? Did you learn anything? Sometimes these can all be tied together with a simple video (which is HIGHLY encouraged). It can fill in the gaps in your entry, get right to the heart of the campaign, leave a lasting impression for the judges and add an overall takeaway for the campaign.

Take note: For the large agency category, a video is required. Remember, videos are your chance to be creative, to dive deep into the details. You can show company growth, client wins, case studies and employee engagement. It doesn’t need to be an overproduced, fancy film. It can be as simple as a powerpoint presentation set to music. It’s your chance to provide extra details and have some fun.

Reach out to Matthew Honovic at matthew.honovic@haymarketmedia.com if you have any questions, and we’ll see you at the 2020 MM&M Awards on October 8 in NYC.

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