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Midol’s No Apologies. Period.

Millennial and Gen Z women may define themselves by ambition, confidence and desire to make a difference. But even in this cultural moment of “girl power,” many completely lose their conviction when discussing their periods. This high-impact campaign is based on the insight that 62% of menstruators younger than 40 say they’ve apologized for their periods or period symptoms. The worst part? They learned it from older generations.

For Midol to become their ally, it needed to go beyond its recent rebrand. Its research showed high brand awareness but lower awareness about what the period reliever stood for. Intending to appeal to their commitment to taking a stand on important subjects, it used social media analysis to discern that “sorry” is used more frequently in conversations about menstruation.

From missing class to lack of intimacy or just wanting to hide, women constantly apologize for their own body and the period symptoms that come with it. And when Midol was mentioned, it was a catchphrase for being angry, weak or moody. 

Midol needed to boldly demonstrate that it stands for something greater than product benefits. Using a series of videos on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and the Midol website, it introduced videos showing real women discussing their periods — without apologizing.

The effort generated 38 million combined video views and more than 75 million earned impressions. It also sparked an 11% lift in brand sales. And — most importantly — it triggered a 22% reduction of online period apologies, helping to break the cycle for future generations.


Bayer and Twelvenote
Aspirin’s Most Meaningful Melody

To encourage those who have had a stroke or heart attack to stick with their aspirin regimen, this effort centers on “Second Chance,” an original song by Leslie Odom Jr. and his wife, Nicolette Robinson. Besides successfully targeting the higher-risk Black community, it boosted Bayer Aspirin sales by 10% in the first week. And social followers rose 12%.