Bridging Industry Gaps in Emerging Health Landscapes

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The US healthcare industry's shift towards value-based care has ushered in a whole new set of stakeholder roles, patient-centric values, and metrics-driven goals to improve care delivery. Expanded responsibilities of life science companies, payer organizations, and health systems have generated innovative opportunities for partnership across the care continuum, with The Kinetix Group (TKG) at the forefront of such collaboration.

As a unique blend of both life sciences marketing agency and health system and payer consultancy, TKG possesses a 360 view of the needs of their diverse clientele. This decisive position has bolstered TKG as an agile leader in emerging health landscapes, promoting the firm's core values of enhancing the patient experience of care and facilitating payer, provider, and life science partnerships on a global scale.

Enhancing the Patient Experience:

For over a decade, the care delivery division of TKG has provided consulting expertise to help life science companies, provider groups and payers design and implement care delivery models that improve efficiency and effectiveness, drive better population health, and deliver sustainable value to the clients they serve. TKG is well-established as a leader in patient journey mapping, clinical data collection, and market access solutions to improve the patient experience of care.  More recently, however, the firm has played an instrumental role in directly facilitating comprehensive practice transformation programs in the Southeastern US, a region affected by high rates of chronic diseases like diabetes and hypertension.  

Earlier this year, TKG was formally recognized by the CMS-led Health Care Payment Learning & Action Network (LAN) as a committed partner in encouraging the adoption of healthcare payment models that improve quality and decrease cost. The LAN is a network of public and private healthcare stakeholders that strives for the collective goal of aligning private payers and CMS in moving from traditional fee-for-service to alternative payment models. Within the organization, TKG leads alongside venerated health plans, providers, patients, employers, consumers, states, and federal agencies in fostering collaboration in this growing patient-centric health landscape.

Market Access Gone Global:

In an increasingly interconnected world, healthcare stakeholders can no longer operate solely within their own national orbits. With a full-service office in Dublin and business partnerships in the European Union and Asia, The Kinetix Group is a trailblazer in promoting collaboration in the rapidly growing global health landscape.

Among numerous programs abroad, The Kinetix Group is developing a US and global NASH (non-alcoholic steatohepatitis) center of excellence program, establishing the opportunity for leading NASH physician experts to engage patients and community physicians to improve clinical care. NASH, often comorbid with other cardiometabolic disorders, affects approximately 12% of the US population alone.

Thus far, the NASH center of excellence program has facilitated key collaboration between New York City's Mt. Sinai Health and India's Apollo Hospitals, as well as other global healthcare systems. The network enables NASH centers of excellence to share clinical data, communication planning, and distribution, as well as establish a national registry in partnership with US and global NASH leaders. Propelled by the momentum of the NASH program, TKG is developing global real world evidence and market access networks for other chronic disease states, and is honored to lead the charge in enhancing care delivery on an international level.

Bridging Gaps among Emerging Health Landscapes:

Given the firm's wide breadth of expertise, TKG's greatest value is its ability to bridge gaps between these seemingly dissonant players in the larger healthcare industry, as demonstrated by many market access case studies. TKG understands the critical drivers in the evolving healthcare landscape, and acts a strategic partner in the development of resources enabling all market access stakeholders to improve the patient experience of care and clinical outcomes. The Kinetix Group views healthcare's changing tides not as a tedious challenge, but as an exciting opportunity to bring emerging health landscapes into the future.

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