Agency launches DTP modular suite

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Direct marketing agency Targetbase has launched XACT Direct-to-Patient, a proprietary modular suite delivering customer relationship management by way of marketing solutions for the healthcare industry.

“DTP is driven by gathered intelligence about patients—using the web as a listening post to attune communication strategies,” said Brian Kaiser, vice president at Targetbase. In order to communicate effectively, rapid and relevant response to the needs of patients is essential. That requires a seamless integration of analytics, creative and technology competencies, he explained.

“Companies have to communicate at relationship speed: the speed by which a patient engages, not two weeks later,” said Kaiser. “Patient needs aren't fixed. Brands have to act quickly, before the information expires. They have to evolve with patients' needs.” The XACT platform addresses three primary solutions for clients: prospecting patient audiences and building databases; promoting patient compliance, persistence and loyalty; and using lifestyle management to fuel new product launches and line extensions for brand franchises.
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