Brand managers value integrated DM

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Over 80% of brand managers believe an integrated direct marketing program is an important part of promoting a brand, with almost half saying it is “extremely important,” according to the results of a recent study conducted by pharmaceutical marketing firm PharmaKinnex.

The study conducted in April 2007 gauged the marketing communications preferences of 21 brand managers and was based on both phone and e-mail interviews with a targeted group of industry marketers.

According to the discussions, over one quarter of the respondents felt their current marketing mix was only performing “reasonably well” or “not well at all.” Forty percent of the respondents said they were doing “very well” or “extremely well.”

As part of the study, brand managers were also asked how they would like to be marketed to. Opinions were split on what brand managers felt was the best approach to help them learn more about integrated marketing approaches. Web, direct mail, and in person presentation were the methods selected most often, the survey found.

“Just like the physicians to which they market, brand managers are busier than ever,” said Camille Macchio, PharmaKinnex, director business development. “Consequently, they prefer Web, brief presentations and direct mail contact, which make the best use of their time.”

The survey results also found that almost three out of four respondents currently employ an integrated direct marketing program in their brand's promotional programs.
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