Chantix DTC ads star tortoise and hare

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Pfizer is advising smokers that quitting is "not a challenge for sprinters" in its consumer advertising campaign for smoking cessation drug Chantix.

The tortoise-and-hare themed campaign, with creative by McCann HumanCare, includes print, television, online and out-of-home advertising tied together by the tagline, “On the quitting road, it's all about getting there.”

Careful not to over-promise on its pill, Pfizer is playing up its 52-week GetQUIT support program as well. The program includes regular check-in emails or phone support and materials tailored to the individual patient.

“We chose to use the fable of the tortoise and the hare because most people are very familiar with the fable and the imagery resonated strongly with smokers,” said Jeanne Traflet of Pfizer PR. “Our research showed that people responded positively to the ads and described them as engaging and inspiring. They also said the message of a steady, determined approach to quitting smoking was realistic.”

Two 60-second spots launched nationally in late September and will run through the remainder of the year.

Three branded print ads will also run nationally. Cadient Group is handling online advertising for the campaign, and Edelman is handling PR.

Year-to-date US sales of the drug totaled $313 million.

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