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UCB, Sanofi-Aventis refreshed their My Xperts program, an online resource backing Xyzal (levocetirizine dihydrochloride), for the fall allergy season. The back-to-school-themed content offers tips to parents from a team of indoor and outdoor nasal allergy experts, noting that an estimated 10,000 children miss school each day in the US due to nasal allergies.

PhRMA said a proposed FDA study of benefit information in DTC print and TV ads doesn't appear to meet the Paperwork Reduction Act standard of being necessary for the proper performance of agency functions and having practical utility. By limiting itself to how consumers distinguish between low- versus high-efficacy products in ads, PhRMA said the study overlooks the fact that such ads are a device to move consumers to begin a conversation with healthcare professionals.

AstraZeneca is touring a bipolar education and awareness exhibit dubbed The Bipolar Journey: Living with Bipolar Depression. The interactive exhibit employes imagery, multimedia activities and interactive tools to “help patients connect with experts as well other patients and caregivers” who have dealt with bipolar depression.

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