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Pharma websites are consistent only in that they're nearly all confusing, said a pair of academics who reviewed product sites for the 100 best-selling drugs. Dartmouth prof Lewis Glinert and Jon Schommer of the University of Minnesota's Department of Pharmaceutical Care and Health Systems, said their review found that most product sites lack a linear narrative or conclusion, contain “an unpredictable mix of information and promotion, content, verbal style, visuals and layout,” and often present risk and safety information in small fonts, cumbersome blocks and other unreadable formats.

Boehringer Ingelheim launched a Facebook game aimed at encouraging healthier habits among people with diabetes. The game, called HealthSeeker, encourages users to attain “lifestyle goals” like improving their diet and lowering blood sugar levels.

Pfizer is reviewing the advertising business for Advil, Advertising Age reported. The brand, formerly part of the Wyeth Consumer Health portfolio, spent $80 million in measured media on marketing last year. The incumbent shop on the brand is WPP's ghg, and several East Coast agencies are vying against ghg for the business, Ad Age reported.
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