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New York-Presbyterian Hospital launched an ad campaign, dubbed Amazing Things Are Happening Here. Executed by Munn Rabôt, the campaign features five new TV spots, outdoor ads, Facebook and Twitter presence and a dedicated microsite with in-depth patient interviews and physician information, as well as brand sponsorships of the Yankees and the Giants including stadium signage and program advertising.

A Partners + Simons survey of attitudes towards advertising found that only 23% of print and radio ads were seen by consumers as containing a credible central message. TV spots didn't fare much better, with 30% deemed credible. “The truth aside, audiences are not generally willing to accept what these advertisers have to say about themselves,” said CEO Tom Simons.

An AstraZeneca survey pushing back at therapeutic substitution of generics for branded drugs found that 84% of American patients want their physician to be the leading decision maker in what prescription meds they take, and that 87% want to be told at the pharmacy if they are not getting their originally prescribed medication. AstraZeneca, of course, makes Crestor, and rival Lipitor just went generic.
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