DDR on DTC: Epiduo

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What's this summer's big hit for teens? Nope, it's not Twilight: Eclipse or Glee. IMHO, it's Galderma's terrific new campaign for its acne treatment, Epiduo. Why? Because getting a teen's attention and getting them to actually do something is a major challenge. Here's a product that competes against a monolithic OTC skincare market, including the upstart DRTV-driven “solutions,” yet it has staked out a compelling strategy to get kids to seek treatment…from a doctor.

The campaign uses the strategy of communicating that acne is a medical condition for doctors to treat by reminding teens to “blame biology” (those pesky hormones) instead of things like greasy foods. Epiduo's agency, Deutsch, has really scored here with ads that are relevant and appealing by using teen-inspired “doodles” interspersed with call-to-action information. While the art direction is spot-on, the copy also hammers product benefits and holds your attention through well-crafted fair balance. The website carries out the campaign, and the brand's media agency, IMS, has done a great job placing ads in teen-focused TV shows and magazines.

Epiduo previously used a more heavy-handed DTC approach with a teen literally taking advice to see a doctor from a store clerk. That may not have been so effective, since we all know how much teens like to take advice from adults.

Vampire or not, it is tough being a teen. Acne really can get in the way. Good thing Galderma and Deutsch have found a way to break through the clutter and offer some help. Kind of makes you want to sing.

Deborah Dick-Rath is SVP, healthcare practice leader, at FactorTG. Contact: deborah.dick-rath@factortg.com
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