DMA names '07 pharma council chair

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The Direct Marketing Association has named Dominque Hurley, VP and general manager for the Dendrite-owned relationship marketing firm Optas, as chairperson of its Pharmaceutical Marketing Council for 2007.

Hurley assumes sole chairperson responsibilities for the council during 2007. Last year, Hurley co-chaired the council with Commonhealth's Xchange Group's president, Nancy Barlow.

As sole chairperson, Hurley aims to increase membership from the client side, she told MM&M recently.

“I've long been a champion of the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) because I am a direct marketing person at heart and by career,” Hurley said. “I want to see the council succeed because I think pharmaceutical marketers can learn a lot from the DMA and can understand best practices, which will do so much to enhance our reputation as an industry.”

Hurley explained that the council and its membership are working to further explore the ways the group can better serve the industry.

“The DMA plays a very large role across many industries but hasn't found its footing as well as it could in the pharmaceutical arena,” Hurley said. “I am evangelizing having more events. I think the tack we are going to take is through webinars because we can make them fast and targeted and very attending to spot of the day. If we can find enough common interest in those webinars, we can create curriculum from that.”

One of Hurley's hurdles may come in gaining better representation and support from within the pharmaceutical industry.

“It's difficult to get pharma to think outside the reality of what their business challenges are,” she said. “Pharmaceutical marketers are so confined by the legislative footprint that it's very difficult to get them to look to another industry and say, ‘hmm, let me see what they've done.' I think it would be very interesting to demonstrate how best practices in other industries can be carried through in pharma. That's something I think is very important, as I lead this initiative.”

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