FDA will study the impact prices have on Rx purchases

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The FDA's Office of Prescription Drug Promotion plans to examine the impact competitive pricing may have on prescription purchases.

The FDA outlined the research in an April 6 notice and noted that while marketers are allowed to include pricing information in their ads, “there is concern that adding contextual information about efficacy or safety is not sufficient to correct the impression that the products are interchangeable and that price is the main factor to consider.”

Participants in either a physician or patient group will see one of three types of ads: one that includes pricing information, one that includes a price comparison and additional drug information or one that includes pricing information but does not have a drug with which it is being compared, reported Regulatory Focus.

The Federal Register notice also said that the price comparisons will be based on medications with the same indication and for a year's supply. One medication will be a fake one for diabetic neuropathy and the other will be a real product.

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