Sorvinos plug Lantus in web effort

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Sanofi-Aventis launched a Lantus-branded “diabetes awareness campaign” featuring Paul and Mira Sorvino.
The father-daughter acting duo, he of Goodfellas fame and she of Mighty Aphrodite, feature in the Diabetes Co-Stars campaign, talking about Paul Sorvino's type 2 diabetes, diagnosed in 2006.

A video-rich microsite housed alongside Lantus- and Apidra-branded content, includes a “Resources” tab featuring a pile of links where readers can “find more information about Lantus insulin, the Lantus SoloStar pen, and downloadable tools to help you monitor your blood sugar.” Sorvino takes Lantus.

In one of the clips, Mira Sorvino recalls a worrying spell of high blood sugar her father suffered shortly after his diagnosis.

“So, at that point I realized that I, I needed to be a, uh, a better support to him and figure out what I could do to help him manage his blood sugars better and find out more about the disease,” says Mira Sorvino. “I did speak with a doctor, I spoke with some experts, I had a friend who has diabetes…and I did some reading on the web. So, it's sort of a combination of informed sources, to help me understand it.”

“The information is there,” says her father. “You talk to professionals. A lot of it's on the web all you have to do is punch that up and visit those sites and you need to learn what it is that's happened to you.”
The site was executed by Euro RSCG Life 4D.
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