MM+M today announced the launch of its 2023 Pinnacle Awards program honoring the industry’s most esteemed veteran leaders. Returning for its third year, the Pinnacle program celebrates the marketers, strategists and creators who have significantly impacted the healthcare industry over the course of their careers – and, decades later, remain at the top of their games.

“Our industry is quick to honor its young stars and its legends after they retire,” said MM+M editor-in-chief Larry Dobrow. “We have a bit of a blind spot for the many professionals who have accomplished great things and aren’t anywhere close to the end of their careers. The Pinnacle Awards are designed to remedy that.”

This year’s Pinnacle Awards honored 25 individuals working across all segments of the medical marketing business. The inaugural 2021 class honored 19 other industry legends.

The nomination deadline for the Pinnacle Awards is Friday November 4. All nominations should be submitted by a colleague of the nominee; no self-nominations are allowed. All nominees should still be actively working in the medical marketing business.

To nominate a colleague, click here.