Private View—May 2014

LYRICA—I was expecting a stiff, scripted portrayal of a patient with diabetic nerve pain. But the warmth and sincerity emanating from Phyllis is pure gold. Her delivery of “like a thousand bees that were stinging my feet” makes the seemingly unbearable conquerable. Even a benign statement of “less pain is a wonderful feeling” comes off as anything but. We feel for you Phyllis, stay well.

1-800 QUIT NOW—Put down your cigarettes and grab your tissues. First Michael painfully unloads the news of his death sentence from COPD. But the finality of his hourglass running out is trumped by his inability to tell his grandchildren (begin waterworks). Looking us dead in the eye, he compels us to internalize our own mortality—and to act. Haunting. Powerful stuff.

ADVANCED BCC—The patient’s look says it all, and the HCP is in the hot seat. Caught off guard by his advanced Basal Cell Carcinoma (BCC), we immediately feel the patient’s anger. HCPs have no escape from the urgency of the message or the need for action: Stay vigilant. As a result, BCC recurrence takes its rightful place at the top of the HCP’s priority list.

SHINGLES AWARENESS—Casting is king here, as a charming accent entrances the viewer and illuminates one woman’s struggle with shingles. With quiet resolve she reveals “shingles forced me out of the water”—and we want to know whether she made it back in. Soft-spoken, yet hard to ignore.

WEIGHT WATCHERS—What do celebs have in common with us common folk? Everything, if used right. And Weight Watchers does with Ana Gasteyer. Like Ana, our phone is constantly disappearing. Like Ana, we search everywhere for it. Why? Because like Ana, there’s something important we need on it: An app that makes it easy to lose weight. Now if I could only find my phone.

MENOPAUSE—To ensure women give pause to the pains of menopause, Estroven was provocative: “My husband isn’t afraid of me anymore.” Through intimate and revealing confessions, Estroven provides a relatable platform of unflinching honesty for women to take comfort in. Add in the handwriting to personalize the experience and the loop is closed with product validation.
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